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The forms of play have been like the tides of the ocean for me. Low tide for lengthy periods and the exciting waves mounting and splashing now.

During a particularly difficult period in my life, I completely lost the sense of play. A friend started asking me what I was doing for fun and I realized the question was creating more stress in me. I knew it was time for change. I invited friends to the partk to skip. And I continued on the pathway to play. I began researching it and realizing its powerful potential role for adults.

I now do Adult Recess ( We partake in the pure pleasure of play that children do at recess. It is rewarding to see the transition as people step over from observation to participation. Hoola hooping, hop scotch, jump rope, coloring, play dough and more. We shift into the timelessness of being and become recharged as we head back into the rest of the world.

Play, both my own and sharing it with others, has been very enlightening and rewarding for me. I have seen and felt the sheer energy in many environments -- working individuals, people at adult day care and people in early addiction recovery at halfway houses. Different life circumstances, same responses to play. Its rewards are universal!

I am very grateful to have rediscovered it and to share it.

P.S. Attached picture is me, Recess Lady, at Adult Recess on my 59th birthday! Fun! Fun! Fun! Recess Mates brought me the crown and wand!!