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"How Water Learned to Play" by Ted Hughes is my life

M story here (in brief below)

I'm 59 - Anyone who used their adult life to work in the World Trade Center, hitchhike 80,000 miles, make 10,000 calls to persons grieving death over 18 years(unpaid), make fifty hours of regionally broadcast documentaries, conduct (unpaid) 800 support groups on grief, pick twelve full seasons of apples throughout New England - about thirty tons each season - at times have almost no money - and eventually be elected to be a six-year term County Commission in a county of 50,000 people --

is how I have played.

When someone asked me why I spent twenty hours a week as a volunteer on an oncology unit at a hospital I told them the truth - I feel good about myself.

At Colgate where I went - I was very decisively influenced by the Dance of Zorba the Greek at the end of that movie

After all is said and done after calamity -- we must dance and plan again for what comes.

I wrote a thousand essay about all this for my college alumni magazine

jim Surkamp Shepherdstown, WV

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