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I really enjoyed the program about play. I had heard a report shortly around the time my oldest son was born that a child's work was their play and that they needed to do that in order to be healthy in mind and body. My 2 boys are in their late teens now, but I can see where their play in earlier years helped them to know what their talents are. I really was fascinated by their imaginations and how they played. I felt like I was reliving my own childhood. I played with them some of the time, but they were very good at entertaining themselves, so I would observe from a distance. When I tried to direct their play, they would get frustrated and want to do something else. They could play for hours with GI Joes, match box cars, beanie babies, and art supplies and be perfectly content. I found little GI Joes propped up on canned goods in my kitchen cabinets, hanging from light fixtures, and in silk flower arrangements. I thought that was great so I just left them there. The GI Joes also attended school and had contests with each other. I could not keep enough books on hand for my oldest son or art supplies for my youngest son. My oldest son used to draw maps of cities that he made up. I still have the "newspaper" that they made and it was not even homework. At about age 14 and 12, they made a hilarious movie with their friend about gangsters, which kept them busy and out of trouble for a long time. I was allowed to help with the movie by driving my van down the driveway as a getaway vehicle.

My oldest son went through a period of teenage angst where all he wanted to do was play video games and he talked about not wanting to work as an adult. This lasted for quite awhile and made me very nervous. He has a step-brother that introduced him to the high school theater and he never looked back. He emerged with a passion for theater and music and he is really quite talented at both. He has appeared in some community productions and taught himself how to play the guitar. My younger son is a very talented artist and is taking advanced art classes in high school that also give him college credit. I am happy that they found their natural gifts and they did it themselves. My hope is that they never lose their desires to pursue the things that they really enjoy. Sometime life becomes so stressful and busy that adults forget that it's ok to have some fun on a regular basis.