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At some point, I will respond to the above questions. But for now...

I live in Austin TX and we often have long periods without any rain. When we finally get rain, I have noticed that many people, including me, walk at a slow pace in it, just getting wet, even if they have rain gear with them. When I see them, I really see a “kid” when they/me did not care about getting wet. Rain was for play whether just getting wet or sending boats, for me it was often just leaves with sticks, down the rushing water on the sides of the streets or splashing in every mud puddle available. However, if we have days of rain, people are rushing to avoid getting wet.

I really enjoyed listening to your program. The program gave me many things to think about, such as what my favorite form of play was as a child. Mine was making up imaginary friends, each with different traits, and writing and re-writing stories/plays about all of us. I like to research/write for school papers. Perhaps I need to re-visit my fiction writing talents.

Thank you for pursuing your research.