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Your comment about trying to learn to play at sixty made me want to tell of my experience at play. I am sixty seven now, but fifty seven was my worst year, culminating with a look in the mirror which made me decide something had to be done. The usual: buy the weights and use them at home, but how much fun is that. I think that play has to be social.
I started walking with a friend and then biking. I joined a gym and made myself go regularly. I walk two or three hours a day after work and go to the gym on alternate days. Now I'm walk/running two or three half marathons each year and biking a hundred twenty mile trail ride for MS. Last year I hike 250 miles of the Colorado Trail and went biking in the Andes on a trip to Peru. This past weekend I biked forty miles to visit my daughter to go tubing. Then biked back the following day.
I've gained about twenty five pounds without increasing my pants size. I don't dread looking in the mirror. I feel great. Sixty isn't too late to learn how to play.
Don't publish this, because it's no accomplishment; it's just play.