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I hadn't thought about it as 'play' until your program aired last week. I am a member of a Congregation of Catholic Missionary Sisters. We have a tradition of celebrating special dates in the history of our Congregation as well as religious holidays. We celebrate with Mass together, a 'festive meal,' ice cream sodas, and entertainment. The entertainment, provided sometimes at the meal but more often later in the evening in a 'family room' is termed by us "Simplicity Night," and we ourselves are the entertainment. Small groups will present a skit, individuals will play a musical instrument, sing a song, tell some jokes, read a poem, dance. It really is a form of play and we enjoy it no end. Of course, there are always refreshments, too.

After listening to your program on 'PLAY,' I realize how wise our foundress was to start this kind of play among us, how it helps us to see each other, and life, from another prespective, enjoy, appreciate, admire and experieance the pure joy of each other and our life together. Enclosures: Kentucky Derby Day Party photos