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Oh my, how I related to this program! As a youngster in the late 30s, 40s and early 50s, I would have made a ripe subject for Dr. Brown. Although I must have "played," I really don't recall any or much enjoyment from playing. I was an overprotected child as a result of a life threatening illness in babyhood, and my mother especially, regularly cautioned me to be careful of just about everything that had to do with sports, outdoor activity and what kids consider just fun. Also taking into account the fact that I am a "first child," I think you get the picture.

Well, I'm happy to report that all that changed as I hit midlife and released my seven children to their own dreams! Divorce also shifted my lifestyle, so that over the years, I recreated patterns that have brought me to a glorious place with two lifetime female friends who share the urge to play. Now in our 70s and coming together from different paths, we consider ourselves a living lesson for younger women who may be experiencing what we did over the past years...taking life too seriously and forgetting how to have fun!

We routinely emerge as "eccentric seniors" enjoying at every opportunity, whether it's buying and parading in outrageous hats or funky sneakers, dressing like triplets, dancing on the beach under the stars with goblets of champagne, traveling to interesting destinations for long weekends, riding the carousel, giggling over nothing like name it. We do it as often as we can!

Making up for lost time? Perhaps. However, the importance of spontaneity for each of us continues to create a web of wonderful memories. Spanning distance and individual responsibilities, our connection to each other and to playing truly keeps us youthful in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you for this chance to relive the importance of play in our lives. At this point in the journey, each of us is keenly aware of making the minutes count, and consider ourselves richly blessed and grateful for all that was and is.