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Home alone at the end of a Thanksgiving weekend of food and family, tonight I was putting away the last leftovers while listening to Speaking of Faith. Your amazing conversation with Kate Braestrup stopped my busy-ness and set me down to listen to the lovely presence of her voice. I needed to hear what she was saying.

Just this morning, I had a difficult conversation about faith with my wonderful but traditional young adult children. A life-long liberal Christian, I complained about how I longed for a faith community to match my sense that God is not a person, but is instead an incomprehensible spiritual source of love and goodness. I explained that holy moments for me are those rare resurrection experiences in which love is so real, so raw, we feel compelled to laugh and cry at the same time. That, I told them, is what I try convey with my words as a poet, storyteller and speaker through InSpiritry. Their faces told me they wished I could just be more normal.

Tonight as I listened to Kate talk about her ministry, I was filled with gratitude for her life and her stories. Her inspiring ability to be mindful of the God in very difficult situations filled my heart with hope and restored my faith in my spirituality and my work.

Just as she has done for so many precious families, Kate offered me the gift of being "here if you need me." I am grateful to both Krista and Kate for the blessing!