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Hello - Although I loved hearing Kate's story, my experience of my husband's death by suicide was 180 opposite: disenfranchised grief, no support. I was a contract-worker, so I did not get help at work; no major attention paid to my children ages 9 and 10 at school; both families backed away; no one called; were were basically 'scapegoated' in our suburban community. Yes, if hell is 'no support/love,' then I would say that her spirituality excludes my experience. And if it excludes the experience, then it, by definition, creates another 'definition' of hell - which she acknowledges. Situations of brokenness can throw you back on your inner self ~ Rev. Henri Nouwen's "Inner Voice of Love" and much of Buddhism. Sometimes I think of the phrase 'children of a lesser god' and understand exactly what that means. -- Barbara who loves your program!