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Kate Braestrup is a Unitarian-Universalist minister and author. She steps in when accidents happen. I found it extremely interesting when Krista Tippet says that Kate considers herself religious but not spiritual. I have never heard this before, and especially after listening to Kate speak it appears that she is very spiritual. I almost wonder if that was a mistake, because it is very common to hear "I'm spiritual NOT religious." It seems as I listen on, the way Kate sees the world, and God, is beautiful, and very spiritual, if I say so myself.

I think that there is something remarkably beautiful about what Kate had talked about where God is in things that happen, like accidents and tragedies. "God is love." God is the force that really drives us to really see each other and care for one another. It's always so easy to question God in times like tragedies, like all the incidents Kate has seen, the man who fell through the ice, the young woman who was raped and body was missing in the woods; that she still sees how God was part of it. It was in the love of all the people who helped and searched, and risked their own lives to help find these people. It's all in the love, and that's where God is. "Once you accept that death is a given, that becomes the thing to look for and the mark" Kate said. The mark being the love and kindness in the event, and that where God is. To be loved and to be honored, in the event of someone's death, is actually a beautiful thing. The value of our connections with people is held on a higher standard than our own lives. The existence of love between these people and their lost loved ones, is of a nature that shows almost a silver lining in bad events.

This reminds me of an assignment I had to do in a high school writing class, where we had to describe the "perfect day." Now this was just a journaling exercise, and while people were scribbling on about, shopping, and fun events that they were doing, and who they were with; mine simply stated "my funeral." Everyone in class was taken aback, even the teacher, and I let myself try to explain. It is the one day that you will be held with the utmost respect by all the people who knew you. Hopefully the place will be filled with people, all people who loved me. Maybe even a few surprises as to who would show up. Hopefully nobody will speak ill of me, because it is true, it is the one day, that everyone accepts their feelings for you, that you would not have otherwise known. That's why I am absolutely in love with what this woman, Kate Braestrup had do say about the love that comes from these accidents and tragedies. It's what I have always felt in the world, and the love with others, and that's what can guide a spiritual force.