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This morning a friend sent me a wonderful article by Simon Jacobson, a Rabbi, about the unitary metaphoric connects that do bind all life. It was poetically stated, and I recognized the thread within as being ONE we are all writing about, each in our own unique and very special ways. Kate's life, in terms of the tragedy that suddenly envelopped her, when her husband was killed in the car accident, is a case in point, and she is very clear about how, in the events that followed, she felt supported, in ways that were magical, by other people who came into her life at this time. In fact, she took on his calling and went on to study in the ministry herself, what her husband had been about to do. This was a life changing experience, that within the deepest of tragedy, came with it, also, the light. Yes light within dark. It seems an ongoing religious, certainly, spiritual theme for us all.

When we examine the existential content of our individual and collective lives, there is story within, and there seems to be a lesson or many lessons, that can be derived from the distillation of the experiences, even those that do overwhelm us and cause us to question a Deity. We can ACT to help each other, to make the experiences that truly hit hard, into something of gold, of silver, an amalgam of kindness and caring. Could it be all stories are crated by a Divine Hand to make us think, and to bring us further up Jacob's ladder, one rung at a time. DING, as in what is ringing, what is rung, a realization that story itself is for climbing, as stories are also, for climbing.