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I heard this program for the first time on December 16, 2012, two days after the Newton, Connecticut shooting where a 20-year old male shot 20 young children, 6 school personnel, his mother, and himself, to death. As the President said, we in this country have been through this too many times. The combination of a general mindset very different from that of Kate Braestrup and Krista Tippett and the 300 million guns owned by the citizens of this country indicates we will go through it again and again, unless we can change as a nation.

This program is most certainly part of the foundation of that change. I don't pretend to be able to conceive of or understand a being present in human emotions and also in exploding galaxies. I'm glad this program doesn't presume to be able to psychoanalyze God and tell us what He or She would like us to think and do today. I have some anger myself at those who claim to have that knowledge, and I realize that there are places in the world where that claim is made more vehemently than it is here in the good old USA. But we're the ones with this particular gun violence problem, and I hope that the human kindness and goodness that comes through so fully in the voices of Kate and Krista can be heard by those who have not heard it before. It's the only countermeasure I can think of right now.