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As a mathematician, amateur author and philosopher, I have been exploring the possible cosmologies that arise from the quantum physics models of reality, both in my poetry and in my fiction. Indeed, I have as my status note on GMail that

    "The Universe operates in the Rational number space, but I randomize using the Real number space, therefore I have free will.

" By this I mean that if the universe is a discrete simulation it must operate on the Rational number system, with planck distance and planck time being the cause for the discretization. In this case, eventually (after countably many cycles) all possible states and transitions must be experienced. (Here, countably is in the mathematical sense, the Rational numbers are of course, countable.) But such a universe is deterministic in the weak sense of the word, while if my interactions with the universe are based on the Real number system, then even the Universe cannot tell how I feel about my existence, and cannot predict with even quantum certainly what I will do, which certainly must be one of the oldest definitions of free will.

I enjoyed this talk very much, thanks you!