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What a fascinating conversation. I found myself pausing it numerous times to look up the theories and ideas Dr. Gates was discussing so I could have a deeper understanding of his thoughts and claims. The concept that mathematics can be a sensory experience and allow one to see the unseen was what I found to be the most interesting idea in the piece. I appreciated his example of Einstein being the first to “see” the electron via a mathematical equation; something that seems relatively impossible to someone who struggles with elementary elements of math! I was also struck by his disclosure that components fundamental to equations for supersymmetry mirror those found in computer code. I agree with his further explanation that just because two things are found to have similarities does not imply they are related, but agree it would be an interesting avenue to explore!

The overall conversation showed the power of the mathematical equation and its practical implications for everyday life. It moved math from purely scientific, finite discipline to a fluid concept that can address challenges in various disciplines. I appreciated Dr. James’ ability to discuss mathematics in a manner of possibilities and opportunities; his respect and enthusiasm for theoretical physics was evident through the conversation.