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I really enjoyed listening to your spiritual guests discuss HAPPINESS. It was interesting to enter their individual worlds of spirituality.
I'm a former catholic priest who left the ministry in 1970 and have studied world religions to see just how much they agree, as opposed to disagree, and found that the closer to the divinity they each become, the more similiarity exists among them. However, the closer you come to their religious practices, the more diverse (and even antagonistic) they are .
In the 70's I entered the church of Scientology
and came to yet another discovery, i.e. that we are all essentially, not just a brotherhood of humans, but each of us is a spiritual being, and in in a very real way we share the divinity, which becomes a further motive for all of us to love and respect one another.

WE are indeed all children of God, and our individual different paths to love Him should be respected and validated.