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I found Happiness a personal experience, sometimes decision, this strange mix of sharing what you cherish and value with people and also in solitude and having some time alone, it's very important to look in yourself and be aware what's important and what's not, Happiness comes from gratitude and a noble degree of acceptance and it's also a bless from God. in Islamic tradition there is a teaching that says God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves, this is the greater Jihad -for those who bring it up- and it's something that is a common ground between all religions..the other "well exposed" use of "lesser Jihad" has other aspects which includes warfare and needs lots of historical and sociological knowledge to get into discussing it..and of course some misuse can think about it misusing it as someone trying to force karma -in their understanding- to occur.this is an act of Ego as well as generalizing.

To suffer is an obvious truth that you have to accept you'll experience it in some way, but there is also compassion and beautiful patience to try your best to yield and let it happen and you could grief it in a prayer for example and keep your trust to God. if sometime Islam translates into "submission" it's true, but if it works for you you could call it "peaceful acceptance" we have to mention Beauty, there is another dimension or Islam that's called Ihsan which does mean goodness, virtue and beauty a the same time, you could call it "beautification" :), being mindful and understanding enough to have this enthusiasm after acceptance to make things the best way they could to reach happiness and God. Charity even with a smile is an act of Ihsan.

This applies for a lot of traditions so I just wanted to express the Islamic point of view, so thanks for the opportunity.

Salam all (peace:))