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I'm sure this will be a very good program to listen to. But I do notice that there is no Catholic on the panel. Hmm. Anyway, theh Catholic belief is that we are made for happiness, happiness beyond what we can imagine, because God is so good. Happiness and eternal life is to know the Son whom the Father sent into the world, Jesus Christ. We are made to love and serve him, in freedom, in this world and the next.

The Catholic belief is also that the Catholic faith is the fullness of the truth: not a point of bragging, but one of responsibility, and it has the fullness because it is the Church established by God: 'On this rock I shall build My Church', not our church, His Church.

But, other religions have pieces of the truth. Some are pre-Christian, the Jewish faith being the pre-eminent and unique in relation to Catholicism, and others are post-Christian developments. But God is so humble that he guides people to Himself through religions that are not even his own, leading them to a moral life and communion to some extent with God.

But happiness in this world is no doubt to have God live in our hearts, and as Archbishop Dolan said recently, 'Having the life of God in our hearts is ours for the asking'.