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I work a second job every Sunday, and I begin my morning by tuning into your program. Philosophy was one of my majors, so I am always interested in the expressions of ideas by those better schooled than myself in the esoterica of humans questioning their surroundings. Likewise, I am attentive to those who best express ways to trickle the enlightment of the educated upper echelon down to the average individual. My own belief is that through enlightened teaching a great deal of the cutural strife that plagues our planet can be minimized, if not eliminated.
I had my own crisis of faith decades ago, in my mid-teens. It left me feeling more lethargy than antipathy toward concepts like soul salvation and a life hereafter. I found my solace in the discourses of the great philosophical minds, primarily of the Western world.
Your New Year's Day program was entertaining, at the very least, and it was really quite comforting to listen to your guests expound. I look forward to many more hours of listening to your interviews and discussions.