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Personal reflections as an active participant in the universal creation.

We swim with the fish of the sea through waters that are clouded with oil and waste.
We soar with the birds of the sky through air that is thick with smog.

We struggle with the arctic animals through vast oceans in search of food and shelter.
We run with the fauna of the forest through desolate fields once covered with trees and brush.

We roam with the wildlife of the open plains through dry lands devoid of water.
We climb with the creatures of the rainforest and jungles through sparse strips of trees seeking safety and sustenance.

We wilt with the flora dug up from the ground and buried beneath cement.
We erode with the hills and mountains stripped of the trees that made us majestic.

We hide with the neglected and abused in the shadows that do not offer protection.
We thirst and hunger with the needy and underfed who are too weak to be heard.

We seek shelter with the homeless who sleep in the streets or abandoned buildings.
We question with the uneducated why we cannot read or write.

We ache with the uninsured who are suffering from lack of health care.
We hurt others who are innocent because we were hurt in our innocence.

We view the world through the bars of cages where we fear others as others fear us.
We die with the young and old who are defenseless and viewed as a hindrance.

We have forgotten that we are the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the arctic animals, the fauna of the forest, the wildlife of the open plains, the creatures of the rainforests and jungles, the flora, the hills and mountains, the neglected and abused, the needy and underfed, the homeless, the uneducated, the uninsured, the innocent, the caged, the defenseless.

We have forgotten that we are one in God and all God's creation. We forgot &mdash but now we remember; we know. And in our knowing we are called to action. Who are we? We are God's people; a people of action.

We are each unique. We are individuals. We are each one.
We are born at a time and place that is our own.
As our lives progress, our experiences increase our individuality; our oneness.
But it is our uniqueness that makes us the same.
Our differences are our common bond.
A bond that strengthens the ones to become the One.
One in life. One in God. One in each other.
We celebrate our uniqueness. We celebrate our being One.