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I liked Krista's question about shadow side and bad things happening in this world.

Aside from natural disasters, bad things don't just happen. Human beings make them happen. Human beings "do" many them. We know even from the Haiti disaster that even earthquakes are made worse by 2 centuries of economic degradation that resulted in poor building materials,codes and deforestation of the island because World Bank told them they had to do that in order to pay their debt services to World Bank loans. All of these troubles can be linked to generations of ruling elites and outside meddling colonial powers outside who refused to acknowledge the democratic freedoms and rights of Haitians to right livelihood and property. The same is true for poverty in Cuba because Boston and NY families who owned plantations there want them back, and so enforce trade sanctions with their bought influence over malleable politicians. They take no responsibility for the failure to uphold democracy in Cuba which led to the revolution against their property and power. The same tricks were used against Haiti for centuries in retaliation for their successful uprising against slave-owners. France made them pay restitution for lost "property" because the slaves freed themselves, and had to repay their value to their former "owners". US slave-owners who had inordinate money from free labor and power over the early Congress enforced these trade sanctions which made Haiti poor. All that re-upped over the years with World Bank loans, which effectively colonized all the countries to whom they were made.

The biggest "natural disaster" so far in the US was caused by human beings failing to pay taxes to maintain levies that were built by an earlier generation. This is the result of daily choices by many many people involved in that chain, and the indifference of the majority who let them get away with their corruption, and now murder and massive property destruction! Before that, the biggest number of deaths from a flood in the USA were caused by human beings failing to maintain a privately owned dam. Human beings' government and courts failed to force them to maintain their privately owned dam. How can God be blamed for any of this?

Much suffering in the world is caused by hording because certain individuals in each society are given rights to horde resources and money, while many more than their number are allowed to be in poverty and misery. Other times, they are given free rein to cause suffering using weapons and agents to create conflicts in other countries rich in natural resources or cheap labor. In the US today, they are even given the power to create the appearances of conflicts using bought media enterprises.

Of course, the fear the few horders have of democracy is what ultimately leads to things like revolutions, communist totalitarians, or capitalist right-wing fascist totalitarians. None of the horders like democracy. Nobody who can get absolute power over a system ultimately has to submit himself to democracy. The horders been working against ours since the Duponts backed their Liberty League and many other tactics to organize themselves against the mass democracy who outnumbered them, but would never come close to the economic power they possessed.

The American Revolution may have worked out well, but had Britain been able to enforce a boycott on the new US, like France and the rest of the slave labor exploiting world enforced on Haiti, our buildings would not be as safe here either! Natural disasters here would be much more destructive like they are now in Pakistan, for many of the same reasons. Unfortunately for Britain, and fortunately for the USA, France used the American Revolution to weaken Britain, and its hording money makers. But, not before Britain and Spain both worked to weaken France clandestinely funding 70 years of Civl War to prevent France from developing the Mississippi Valley. The same meddling tricks are used today by our horders called many many things. In fact, it was an outsider meddling, Catherine the Great, enforcing embargoes against Britain in the Baltic that inadvertently gave France and the 13 colonies the advantage to win that war. It was US outsider meddling in Afghanistan on behalf of US horders and their business interests in oil and minerals that created the Mujahadeen and now al-Qaeda. This meddling is cause of tremendous suffering for many people, including 1000s of American families, while the horders themselves feel no pain and escape any implications in any of this shadow side!

All these shadow side disasters natural, or otherwise can be traced to injustice and thwarted democracy where everyone's rights are not equally defended by governments and courts! I agree with the Physicist that we human beings have creative choice to fix these problems! As we learn more about cause and effect for what ails us, become more honest about it, and less propagandized about it we will discover more that we can do. Like the Physicists learn about new particles to peel away the onion, we can collectively fix these matters! Even the horders had to collectivize and organize themselves and their money by overcoming their own mythologies about individualism and individual liberty. They had to do that to collectively overwhelm democracy over the last 40 years with their money's corrupting political power, and power to seed culture wars! Power to seed culture wars especially is the historical source of terrible disasters including the Holocaust and the Bosnian Genocide! We see this now playing itself out in Arizona...