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Another wonderful show. And I was just thinking about exactly that topic on Saturday. I had friends in Liberia who were Lebanese. They told me so many things over the years about their world that were nowhere to be found in my education.

I have a rhetorical question. Every time I heard him reference a process of human maturation, I couldn't help but think, male human maturation.

I dredge through my mind and I can't think of a single current (30 yrs to the present) conflict, sustained or otherwise, that was begun by the force of will of a woman.

Do you think our national or global dialogue will ever address this fact? Do you think men will ever be held accountable for the things that they do to our world and the people who live on it?

I guess, I am getting a bit resentful that all of these horribly negative things that happened are grouped into 'human maturation' when only one half of the human race needs maturing.