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I could not find where to express my opinion on the interview with Sari Nusseibeh so I hope I can write my opinion here. I listened to the interview with great interest but have a criticism to make about Ms Tippett's comment re Christ being a Palestinian, without mentioning that he was also a Jew. I don't think this tragic conflict will ever lead to peace until the Arab Palestinians and their supporters recognize that the Jewish people have ancient roots in Israel/Palestine too. I don't know why MS. Tippett avoided the obvious with her observation except I suspect her sympathies reside more with the Arab Palestinians than the Jewish. Such bias is at the root of this tragic situation because I gives one side more legitimacy than the other instead of recognizing that the Jewish people are returning home rather than arriving as colonizers. I quote from the transcript where Jesus is discussed: "Ms. Tippett: I mean, to read about him knowing tha t he's Palestinian.