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As I listened to Sari Nusseibeh, a Palestinian philosopher, I couldn't help but be drawn into what he was discussing and following in his ideas. He had such a gentle and understanding voice that radiated warmth and acceptance. Starting out his interview with Krista Tippett, Sari talked about his crossing of No Man's Land. He states that as he watched other human beings of different religion cross into his country he felt the need to cross No Man's Land and watch himself from that side as well. Sari Nusseibeh mentioned that all human beings must go through this change in their life. The need to see themselves from a different perspective. I find this so interesting and true, for myself. There are many times that I would like to put myself in a different situation and see how my reactions and thoughts might have appeared to others.

An idea that stuck with me while I listened to this particular On being show is the idea that change occurs through generations. Sari Nusseibeh states that any of the change that we want to occur happens slowly over time and generations. This thought made me think of the philosopher Socrates and his belief in reincarnation. That perhaps we were reincarnated each time to keep these changes on course into the right direction. Krista also mentioned about how one of her acquaintances embraced all changes no matter how the outcome turns out because we should respect the sheer importance of what was occurring. Lastly at the conclusion of the interview Sari states briefly that its in human nature to make mistakes as we fight for change. This statement left a big impact on me because in many ways it is true and has a valid point. Socrates says that our soul becomes burdened with the needs that our body wants and through time we can make mistakes and lose our way. Part of finding the truth and making the right changes must occur when we have realized the mistakes that have taken place,

Both enthralling and captivating, this interview with Sari Nusseibeh by Kista Tippet allowed for me to stand away from my own religion and evaluate how I want my culture and religion to change for the better.