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ear Krista and Crew,

The interview with Husain was excellent in every way. Having written on science and religion for the last decade and having addressed this particular subject, I find it gratifying to hear a thoughtful man like Husain say that the problem is not the mechanics of terrorism but the mindset.
Having studied the kamikaze pilots of Japan's WWII navy, I know he's right when he says that suicide bombers do not have evil or malicious motives but rather feel an altruistic desire to sacrifice themselves for a higher purpose.
If you find a moment, I would invite you to take a look at my recent blog essay on this subject. It was widely circulated, and its central idea of a neuron bomb was once again praised by Michael Shermer and others. You'll find it at
I am currently blogging on religion at the Huffington Post. See
My theme is stated in the opening essay, "Can Science Rescue Religion?" I am working on a book that elaborates this theme. If you ever feel I might have something to contribute to the conversation, I would welcome the opportunity to be on SOF.
Congratulations on a great and worthy program.

Clay Farris Naff
Lincoln, NE