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I enjoy listening to the interview very much with the author, Ed Husain. There were many great points that he mentioned in the interview that my eyes would lit up in both surprise and awe. Firstly, I did not know that the theory of global conspiracy against Muslim throughout history and today’s world are such a great influence and mind gripping to the young Muslims. This shows that religions have no border or boundary. Its influences both positive and negative could spread like a wild fire near and far across the globe especially with the enabling of new technology and the media.

I was somewhat appalled when Husain said Al Qaeda which is considered the greatest threat in the Western world as the West is waging war on terror, is a mindset. Al Qaeda is a battle of ideas. If this is so, we are not going to win the war on terror with violence and war then? What is the alternative? Diplomacy and engagement then? Those are still reactive responses. The strategy must be proactive. We can’t be spending so much money on protecting our homeland and collecting intelligence to pinpoint where and when the next target or the next attack will be, but rather a comprehensive tactics that would target the root causes of Islam extremism. If we can win the ideology, then we can win this so called war on terror.

Vandy Chhe