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It is hard in America, especially with regards to the current war on terror, to think of what we see as terrorist or referred to as Islamic Extremist, as just caring and selfless normal people. It is said that they become extremist because they posses those qualities of a selfless person and those qualities are than exploited. These people are not evil people; rather they have been misguided and simply just exploited. Also, because of those that act on the extremist views of Islamic beliefs, their actions have created a general idea about those involved in that religion; they have affected and tainted all who believe, but one persons actions should not be a reflection of all believers.

It appears that the reason why we have failed on the war on terror is because we have an innate inability to understand the Islamic psyche. Our policy makers in the US think that pumping money into foreign policy will somehow help fix the problem, but what they don’t realize is that that will solve nothing, what we need to do is understand the religion and with that perhaps the war on terror has a chance of ending. My brother just recently got home from a year long deployment to Iraq. The current soldiers being deployed to the Middle East are getting training in both the language and the culture so that they can better understand their way of life. My brother did not see the people who live in the Middle East as being “terrorist”, but rather just people trying to live their lives and the soldier’s job was to help them live a safer and better life. We should have done this earlier in the war on terror, we need to help these people and understand them, not shut them out and think that they are all bad people; understanding their way of life is the best thing we can do for them.