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On your January 14th broadcast you aired a piece titled Reflections of a Former Islamic Extremist. I found this broadcast particularly interesting. In the interview Muslim terrorism is linked to a particular mindset. The individuals who become suicide bombers do not think of themselves as evil. In their mind they are sacrificing themselves for the greater good. I think they think this way not because of a religious point of view but from a political point of view. I have found no inherent hate towards Western culture or democracy from Muslims. Often hate of these things use used by the media to explain terrorism. I think terrorism comes from a desperate person. Someone who feels attacked and has no other way of defending themselves. To be sure there are evil people out there, but the majority of people are just struggling to make it through. Given the U.S.'s support of Israel in it's wars against Muslim nations, its own wars with Muslim nations, and its many trade embargoes I can see why many Muslims would feel helpless to fight back in any other way. I'm not saying that agree with them, but I can understand how things might appear from their side of the wall.