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I am just some 22nd generation European/Irish descended American who (now) believes the native Americans (come on with the caps for Amerika or is that my stoopid program?) were slaughtered for their land. Period again. And again : ) These conversations not only enliven and enlarge my grasp of the once decimated peoples that were here (generally speaking), but they give me hope that the wheel is turning quickly towards change that will eventually be our salvation. It is obvious that we are choking on our own detritus and it should also be obvious that native peoples had sustainable lifestyles that we should be adopting worldwide as they fit.

Sure, 7 billion people are a Big problem, but measure 7 billion who drive cars against 7 billion who walk or ride biciycles, for example, and ther is a huge difference. Probably not a realistic one, but think about it. Do you want to continue or 'advance' your current living situation, or would you rather live so that you and your family could have descendants that also live?