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Hi Krista,

As fate/faith would have it, I stumbled onto your show this week about Sitting Bull. I have an unusual relationship with Sitting Bull. One that I don't fully understand just yet, but one that I know is incomplete.

Back in 2001 I had many unusual experiences/visions that eventually led me to be sitting by his grave in Mobridge, South Dakota on June 9th, meditating and praying in the unbearable heat of the early morning sun.

The path that led me there, and the path that followed bringing me to spend 3 difficult days on the Pine Ridge Reservation with a wonderful Ogala Lokota family, is one that I find very hard to describe. In fact, the way in which I most relate to the experience is that if it were not happening to me, and someone else were telling me of the experiences, I would find it very hard to believe. Yet, it did happen to me, and somehow I found myself with the honor of being in a sweatlodge with the elder of the family, a woman who was at the center of the last uprising at Wounded Knee in the 1970s, something that for some reason I recall from my youth. I am left a bit dumb-founded by it all, and amazed at the magic the Universe presents to us if we simply let go into the flow.

Sitting Bull is once again coming back into my life and I wonder what adventure might be in store for me. Perhaps it is soon time to finish the business I ran away from 9 years ago.

I would LOVE to share this experience more fully with you, if you are interested. If you happen to live in or near New York City, I'd love to meet you for a coffee/tea and share it all with you. I'd be very interested in your thoughts, insights, opinions and guidance.

Thanks for all you bring to the airwaves!

Rich Largman