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Dear Ms Krista:

Amazingly, I found your image to be almost as I have imagined you for the past years. I listen to your voice and enjoy your subject matter in one sense of appreciation.
Today you are talking with Mr. Lapointe about Sitting Bull. Earlier in my life I was honored to have conversered with Chief Dan George of the Capilano (Canada) family and tribe. I grew up and went to school with his grandchildren in the 1950's.
Dan George reflected similar pain and frustration to me that was obvious due to his use of alcohol. He always had a soft word for his people and others of the white race.
Separately, I have spent a great deal of my adult life living in Haiti. The religion of Voodoo or Vaudou is well alive. Petro, the "Black" side of African religion is also there. One day you must investigate these two opposed cults and discover how Voodoo has been unfairly damned and blamed for events and mid-sets that are actually the result of Petro.
Should you ever wish to venture to Haiti please do contact me here in Florida or in care of my daughter Roberta at the house in Haiti using her direct number of 954-654-7089.
There are many books on the subject however I am not able at this time to make a recommendation.

Thank you and your associates for your splendid work over the years. Your program, to me, is an expansion of the view upon the spiritual world and how we as humans have manipulated faith into the "preferred" and "not so preferred" status.

I revolted against the Anglican Church at the age of fourteen and have never looked back.

The native peoples of North America have a faith that to me is more than practical, as you will also discover upon investigating Voodoo.