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Sitting Bull: Thank you Christa for your feelings, your deep and passionate feelings about the way this country has treated the American Indian and the shame of this story. I want to draw your attention to the ongoing shame of imprisonment of the American Indian, Leonard Peltier, whose cause I and thousands of people around the world, many of them famous writers and Nobel prize winners have espoused, this many years. I believe he has been in prion thirty-four years, and yet, and yet there is really no solid evidence for his conviction. Even Amnesty International has not been able to budge the Injustice System that keeps him incarcerated, a man, who is deeply spiritual, who is a poet and artist and champion of human rights around the world. Robert Redford made a movie about this case, Incident at Oglala. Peter Mathiessen wrote a book about this case, and it has been for me, a case of injustice that has never been righted. Obama was the hope and he hasn't given anyone clemency. It's truly outright shameful that despite our, meaning all of those who care, jamming the White House Lines in support of clemency, that there is no action on this case, ever. I am passionate about this and do hope this goes on line. Maybe people who don't know will learn about this. I believe deeply in the Power of One. We can make a difference. If this is not true, then I think Leonard will die in jail. Amnesty International cannot budge this case and yet they have tried