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I have to say I was not surprised. Not because I knew these things, but just for the reason that at times when I have contemplated the life of the leaders of the Native Americans I have believed they were not simply strong and tough but spiritually advanced. I think we could say a man such as Sitting Bull was a prophet in the Hebrew sense of the word, as a messenger of Gd.. Imagine a man who could master the riding of a horse and at an early age hunt buffalo. Imagine a man brave in battle yet generous and humble. Imagine a great hunter who killed only for food and respected the life and spirit of the creatures around him.
We have come a long way since those days; not necessarily the right way. But from the wrong path a man (or woman) can look around and find his right way. In the 60's I thought there was a movement which would take hold all over the world and it would be good. Maybe that was not the time, but maybe this is. Some of you also think this way.
Years ago I was hiking in New Mexico, at Bandalier. In the woods I saw a fox. He looked at me. I was told that was a good thing.