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I was very pleased to hear the story on re-imaging Sitting Bull on Sunday, December 5. I hope you would perhaps share my story with Sitting Bull's great-grandson. My great-grandparents, John and Elizabeth Dell, homesteaded in the Dakota Territory and knew Sitting Bull. He often visited their ranch and gave John Dell a peace pipe, a scalping knife and a picture of himself. John Dell was a Quaker and Elizabeth, his wife, a recent German immigrant, and excellent cook, on several occasions provided food to Sitting Bull and the people traveling with him. One of the stories in our family is that when Elizabeth was pregnant with my grandmother, Matilda, she wanted to leave the ranch to go to Iowa to have the baby where her parents lived. She did this with each of her children. There was conflict with the Sioux at that time and John told her she could not travel. She responded that she had never had problems with the Sioux. She sent word to Sitting Bull that she was traveling to the rail head to return to Iowa. The day she left the ranch a party of Sioux accompanied her and one of the ranch hands to the rail head and accompanied the ranch hand home. These stories of the friendship between Siting Bull and my great-grandparents have always been a great source of pride to our family. My great aunt, Ellen Dell Bieler, recorded the stories of Grandma Dell before her death and my cousin, Jean Hastings, has written a short history of the Dell family's years in the Dakota Territory. Thank you for honoring Sitting Bull and his family. Sincerely, Katherine Kidd