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Thank you again for shining a light on the American Story about Sitting Bull and several native tribes and exposing the lies that our history has told and retold about people that we did not understand. From your story about Sitting Bull I got that he was like the Dalai Lama for Buddist believers. Sitting Bull had some of the same beliefs, and from this I get how interconnected the human family is when we look at it from a spiritual plane.

I remember when I was first married in 1967 and I was living in Scottsdale, AZ, I kept seeing native young men wearing black pants and long sleeved white shirts. When I asked some one who was from AZ, they told me that these young men were going to "Indian School"- i.e. being "Americanized". I was shocked by this and felt great shame that as a Caucasian American, our government was forcing indigenous people to go to OUR schools and that only OUR ways were allowed. This is when I knew for sure that the USA had wronged and were still wronging all native people. At some point I feel that as Americans we must tell the truth about this part of our history in order to heal our nation and to become more compassionate of all people.