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I loved the interview about Sitting Bull. What a wonderful interview about the Dakotas. You are such a wonderful interviewer. It is a delight every week.

Here is one of my poems and paintings about the spiritual:

Abstract Painting:
Etched acrylic on art board,
Painted on: 01-10-2006
(Archival Collection)

"Exquisite Inclination"

A wellspring foments deep inside,
exquisite inclination, discerning devise.

Pummel, pummel, ravage the soul,
a thousand thoughts stutter in overload.

Inundate, swim the space,
did you seek, did you find?

Splinters of sight split and divide,
was it more than ever implied?

Cling to the moment, cleave to its side,
remember to never let the vision die.

All your life, you waited for this,
each molecule, atom, applauding the wish.

Gari Hatch

When I say "pummel, pummel" -- you know, when all those thoughts of inspiration and epiphanies pound your brain as they race through your head. It is a wonderful feeling of excitement. This is the embracing of those moments like the the yellow gold and red in this painting underneath moving up through the etched blue-- revelations revealing themselves from the underlayers of our existence. The subconscious whispering to our inner needs...

Sincerely yours,
Gari Hatch