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According to Israeli historian, author and journalist Tom Segev, Israel striking at the Palestinians to "teach them a lesson" is "a basic assumption that has accompanied the Zionist enterprise since its inception".

Even more sinister and equally unlikely to ever be challenged by On Being, a program whose host seems to blindly glorify and hold harmless any and all things religious, is the Biblical teaching of Israel as the land promised to the Jews by their god (Genesis 15:18-21 Exodus 23:28-33 Numbers 34:1-15 Deuteronomy 11:24 Deuteronomy 1:7 Ezekiel 47:13-20.) Holiday observances, special events and daily prayers include prayers for a return to Israel and Jerusalem. Rabbis (based on Numbers 33:53) declare a mitzvah (commandment) the taking possession of Israel to live there.

Indeed, unabashedly intoned by the Jewish settlers in the occupied territories (deemed illegal by the international community) is the mantra that their god "gave them the land".