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I chose this show because of the title: Hope in a Hopeless God. I am interested in listening to people that attempt to make sense out of the religions that are so popular today; not people that just follow ignorantly, without questions. David Hartman spoke about his growth as a religious man and then his turn to atheism. He explained that his view changed after watching the news one night. That news cast showed a newly married couple that died in a plane crash. They were just going to start their lives together, then it was over in the blink of an eye. He changed because he wondered if God had a sense of humor, or if there just wasn't one.

I relate to David Hartman on many levels. Especially when he says “I want to be religious, but I haven’t found anyone to talk me into wanting to be religious.” I tell people I am not an atheist because in my opinion, atheists chose that there is not a God. I on the other hand agree with David in that I just have not found something to believe in yet. David Hartman wants god in all aspects of reality, as in more questions should be able to be answered and there are no contradictions.

It is hard for me to imagine what it would be like to be a part of religion that does not allow women to be on the same page. I will never believe a religion that thinks women and men should be treated differently, like Judaism. And that is another reason why David Hartman said he changed his beliefs.