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Daily I pray in a multi-denominational meditation group to be, "led from unreal to real". It's only within the last few months, during this economic "crisis" that I understand, on many levels, the value of the prayer.

What's going on in the economy feels like a correction, the boomerang of Karma heading back to us. Enduring this correction is itself a meditation, a practice. As in meditation, I try to bring my thought back to whatever mantra I'm working on in the moment, often this is hard, but ultimately soothing. I limit my sources of news, I read the paper and log onto only one news source.

Through the course of my day I try, to the best of my ability, to steer clear of negative, overly dramatic economic moaning. This too is not easy; like gossip, economic commiserating is oddly comforting, a strange guilty pleasure, a seduction, walking away from it is lonely.

Thank you for the battery's low, I need to cut myself off.