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Corporate America has a long history of violence against those who are less able to defend themselves. The tobacco industry has conducted a holocaust that has sickened and killed more non-smokers that the death toll of the Nazi concentration camps and about ten times as many children whom these predators converted into smokers. Nestles took only a few weeks to murder one million infants with its aggressive marketing of infat formula in third world countries. Cokecola hires death squads that mutilate to death suspected union organizers in Columbia. I have met former prisoners who say that they worked for a mafia because they prefer a less violent and less dishonest employer than large corporations. The business community has always been a predatory Frankenstein monster whose displays of counterfeit conscience are but a public relations exercise in mass communications. They compete and destroy.
Some of their physical violence including their violence against children is more vicious than sexual exploitation and beating. In particular, by combining junk food with the junk culture of video games and the likes of MTV, they have made people so fat and ugly as to break the spirit so that it is easire to control people and harvest more wealth from them by selling them more.
They have filled the world with the ugliest culture this planet has ever witnessed, with their pop music that we are all forced to hear in every public place. Thi legacy of commercial enterprise is junk food for the body, junk science for the mind and junk culture for the spirit.
When a school yard bulley punches someone in the face he does so to mark his victim with a black eye. That black eye is the bulley's public trophy which his victim must wear as a banner of humiliation that tells the world he is a whipping boy and a loser who is less fit to survive, in invitation for otjher bullies to gloat over. It is a label that is designed to rape the victim for the world to see. Corporate America does th same thing when it sells soft drinks full of high fructose corn syrup and McDonalds to children and places them before video games and makes them so spectacularly fat and ugly. The obesity they bear is a form of sexual violence because it makes their bodies repulsive and it is also a banner of humiliation similar to the black eye the bulley inflcts.
But it does not stop with junk food for the body. Commercial music is designed to humiliate a public that from childhood is forced to make it their own, from the vicious racism of assigning the black community rap or minstrel show hip hop music and costumes designed to make them look and sound more primitive than human to country Western soft rock that is drooled in baby talk lyrics.
Sports are designed to brainwash the public with the belief that the world must be separated into winners and losers so that the destruction corporations inflict in their shark like behaviour will be accepted.
But the most inportant corporate crime is not just its violence. It is its fradulence. Dante's Divine Comedy presents Inferno as a place where those who earned their place are there because they blame others for theirchoices. "The customer choose to smoke and we only provide the service they want" is the kind of excuse we hear today. Dante's Inferno places the fadulent at the bottom of Hell and the junk culture industry pretending that pop songs are equal to classical music much in the manner of a 6 year old child scribbling on paper and pretending to be equal to DaVinci and Raphael and cowering behind "Beauty ix in the eye of the beholder>" is the fraud Dante had in mind. The greatest violence big busness has done is to feed people junk culture for the spirit as Hardee's feeds its junk food to the body.