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The economic breakdown is a metaphor for our cultures spiritual breakdown. Many of us have been expecting it. We have been preparing by living very simply, building community, getting out of debt, saving money, and becoming as self-sufficient as possible. My life/home is a model of this. I am 56 and plan to retire from directing a school for 20 years in April 09. I could continue to work, but I feel a need to change my role in the world. My finances are safe. I may return to foreign service (Peace Corps), work in energy conservation, on an Indian Reservation or work in Southern States in the schools. Or? The idea is to be of use. I am healthy now, but death waits. So my question is "What can I do to help?" There is much to do. And I have many skills. My plan is still nebulous, but all will become clear. I can wait for the Voice, the sudden opportunity. Already one good job offer has emerged. Next year I will be doing something exciting and helpful. Like Parker Palmer, I try to stay out of the fear turf. I have gratitude for my situation. All will become clear.