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I think the economic crisis is both reflected in our moral and spiritual well being. We have been told to spend spend to help the economy and yes many have done the duty they were told to. I think the me and my generation of the 1980's have come home to roost. We have been far removed from financial and spiritual responsibility over the last 2 decades. We are a shadow of the people that have come before us. Easy money quick fixes and shallow theology have helped us to be at this point in our economic,political bankrupcy. I hear nothing from the Christian churches to have given us any real souce of helping us become responsible stewarts of our financial blessings. I hear prosperity theology preached "give to God and you will be blessed" Many have been turned on by this naive belief and will soon find out the real truths of LIFE>
Family offers me the strength to face the uncertain future. I was born in the depression and have enjoyed the financial benefits of these 50 years of what was called "prosperty" good times we named them.
My wife and I have always lived somewhat "close to our chest" comparted to the extravegant life style of our friends. We will continue to be conscience of our spending and responsibilty to our country and envirenment. We will hope that our national leaders will set a good course to follow. That is one of my greatest hopes that we can now have responsible leadership and direction from oour elected officals. I really think it will come from our individual neighborhoods in seeking to right the ship that has been in a run away mode for too long.