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Thank you for your broadcast, "Repossessing Virtue" with Parker Palmer. The economic crisis has not hit our home in terms of job layoffs, but we are very sensitive to the possibility in the near future. As a Christian, I have trusted in a virtuous God who is far above the economic crisis, but who will also allow the wages of sin to run its course. And since He causes the rain to fall on all his people, we are very aware that we are in this together. What I am doing differently is something that I did not plan, but that has come about as a natural response to the inability to trust the things we have taken for granted (job, paycheck, home, friends) and that is to spend more time with my siblings and their families. I am finding we are gathering more than we have in the past six years. We talk about the economy and what we will do if any of us were to lose our job. We talk about buying land and planting crops, things our parents knew about that we never thought we’d be considering. What we are considering is self-sufficiency, but we are talking about community not individualism which is what has brought us to our breaking point as a society. We are preparing ourselves for the worst. I like what Parker Palmer says about our predicament – how “society’s greatness is not to be measured by how well the strongest in its midst can do but by how well it takes care of the weakest in its midst.” We have a renewed interest in the “weakest” and what it will take to sustain them or lift them out, because we see now that we ourselves are one employer away from joining them. ________________________________________