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For me the major moral issue in all this, is that although we do not have enough jobs, there is so much work to be done. Children to be cared for, housing to be repaired or built, and a variety of other human needs to be addressed (dare we even consider to 20 some thousand children around the world who die each day from preventable causes?). We have become a constantly expanding economy and culture that does not often enough consider what is really needed to sustain and support life itself. We don't need another SUV, flatscreen, or cell phone, but those are the jobs we have created and pay for, to more securely line the pockets of the very rich. Sooner or later those chickens will come home to roost in a more profound cataclysm than an economic downturn. Like George Bush experienced in Iraq the other day, the people who have guided our ways better be ready to duck.