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From what I can gather, spiritually, it is the end of the church age and the beginning of the Spirit age. By that I mean that more and more we as a [Christian]people are going to realize that God is not outside of us. God is us. For an age now we have been taught that good and evil, God and Satan, Heaven and hell are all places or beings or states of being that have been attributed to something or someone outside of our physical, spiritual selves. We are outgrowing tradition, the old guard. I see it everywhere. Gender lines are blurring (a somewhat uncomfortable but nonetheless necessary step). Our children seem to be 'plugged' in so much more than we were. Just look at the 'Indigo' and 'Crystal' kids today. On the other hand, young people are looking, searching for something deeper, some explanation of life in todays world. The ME era that ruled the 80s/90s is turning into a hunger for our TRUE selves.
In January of 2007 I had an experience that put all of this in the forefront of my mind. I was having a conversation with God, maybe a bit of a bitch session, when I heard so clearly, "It is time to leave my house, David. No longer will you look to me for all of your answers. No longer will you come to Me with your whining. I have given you all you need to not only survive, but to flourish and help others with their own questions. Now go out there and BE".
My conversations with God ended on that day. I had been speaking with Him for many years, and had grown quite fond of my time with Him. I was in quite a state for a few months, trying to reach Him but knowing that what He said to me was right. I had to leave my Fathers house. I am growing more used to looking inward for my answers these days, even though I still miss those awesome times with Him.
Odd, He didn't die that I might be saved, I died that He might be a savior. Here. Now.
Todays economic turmoil is a condition of the confusion and unavoidable tantrums that will accompany us being asked to leave His house. Church will move out of the traditional brick-n-mortar setting and move into the marketplace. The generations of kids today will push the spiritual, philosophical envelope to the point of social chaos. Remember when all the kids started wearing those clothes that said NO FEAR! Hmmm... It is the older generations that are afraid. My generation, maybe yours. As I get more used to walking in Him, literally, my fear is turning into not just a faith but a knowing. Never have I felt more, well, just more.
Ask a Lion what he is and if he could he would tell you "I don't suppose I know. I just am". He doesn't have an identity to attach to himself. We are starting to realize that we are the "I AM".
So, to make a long story just a little longer, I do not believe this is a crisis, but rather a stepping off. I think they call it evolution. Spiritual evolution. God DNA.
Here is my new mantra, and may it become yours;
Affect Change Effect Generations.
Oh, one more thing I have been seeing lately (with my spiritual eye);
Instead of saying "To thine own self be true" how about we all start saying "To thine own true self, be".