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Yes, we are in a time of moral and spiritual crisis. We are reaping the results of the exercise of our free will to make choices that are not in harmony with God's laws.

I have found all that I need to understand and deal with what is happening in the world today in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda even though he left his body in 1952. The recent messages of Sri Daya Mata's (the leader of SRF and a direct disciple of Yogonanada)are a particularly hopeful, insightful and practical guide in these challenging times. The SRF website and the Winter 2008 issue of Self-Realization magazine contain these messages.

What has changed for me--deepening my conviction that the Kriya Yoga techniques that Yogananda brought to the West in 1920 are still a powerful way to transform my life and in doing so the lives of others so that our individual and societal choices will begin to harmonize more closely with the laws of God and to bring an end to much of the suffering in this world.