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I am finding much comfort and practical tools from the 5 simple strategies of the Virtues Project and the writings of Linda Kavelin Popov, namely, A Pace of Grace...

I am taking time to spend intentional time in nature, with my soul, and with my close family whom I trust. I am honoring my spirit by doing an art activity or writing every day. I am looking to honor the stillness and the movement of ideas within me! I know there is a teachable moment every day, and that I need to make time to reflect, and to fill my cup, as I continue to give and to share with others.

I believe that the economic crisis is a reflection of our inner spiritual ciris. One that will need much caring and recovering.

Looking to listen to/or read "Speaking on Faith' every week! Thank you for the inspirational books and authors you suggest.
Best regards,
Delaram Hakiman-adyani
Portland, OR