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I think we will never be getting back to 'normal'. After all, what is normal about so few having so much, while the rest live on ever decreasing resources.It is also becoming very obvious that those with way more than enough didn't get it because they work any harder or are any more 'deserving.And all the dissapearing jobs exposes the lie that the wealthy must keep their wealth because they 'create' most of the jobs.So when one looks out at the absurd wealth still enjoyed by a few it certainly does raise moral and spiritual questions.Not to mention issues of trust, like have we been duped? Not only by our business and financial institutions, but by our religions? Or have these instituions simply reached the point where they're not sustainable. I mean, how many times can one convince themselves that Jesus will return to save the rightous? Or some variation on that story. Humans are high maintenence creatures and if they're not paid enough to live on, they must be subsidized. Profits go down, share holders find themselves with incomes more like regular workers, and eventually, we all have enough, but not enough to horde.Money, like energy must be allowed to move and circulate. Look to the natural world for new models. Squirrels store enough for winter, not enough for generations and then make loans to be paid back with interest.And no, I don't think we'll go back to living in mud huts, unless those that have don't come out of denial soon and begin gently shifting the money supply downward so those of us living in poverty can start doing as much as we still can for ourselves and hiring our friends and neighbors to do what we can't. This is where ground zero community building starts. PS. I'm self-employed. I make about $6000 a year [six thousand] and I live in the country in rural northern WI.
The only welfare program I qualify for is food stamps and fuel assistence, even though I have no saveings. I do own my own home, which I have been building for 30 years. I've never had a building loan, or a credit card.I am the Poster Old Lady for what happens when you really do live with-in your means in this inflated economy.
We will learn to do far more with less, thru inovation, conservation,and cultivating a spirituality that is experiential in a very personal and practical way.