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I'm listening to the interview with Joe Carter and Negro spirituals. I was particularly struck by his comment, "Older people [of faith] will say 'it is well with me.'" Not that they are saying: I'm fine, all is great.
I've been trying to buy a house and I was told on Friday by the organization I'm working with that my debt is still too high, there have been too many late pays. I can work on the debt, but how do I erase the late pays? I don't. So I'm having a pity party. And the comment 'it is well with me' really reminded me that I am healthy, I have loving siblings (deceased parents who did love me), I have faith that I will succeed in my goal to get a home, just not this month.
Remembering that black people in slavery, concentration camp survivors, and others in impossibly oppressive conditions chose their attitude, I know I can too.
Who will I be for someone else? A support to my sister who had to put down her 13-yr-old dog, a support to a coworker with cancer, a laborer for my brother who is painting his daughter's new home and on and on.
Your program is my Sunday church. Thank you. In the photo I'm on the left with graying hair, younger sister and brother on the right.