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There is a farmer's market near my apartment in Louisville. It is a large gathering at a Christian Church for a few hours every Saturday morning. I have made it a habit to visit every Saturday, regardless of whether or not I purchase anything. This market is a wonderful realization for me. People share and talk,laugh and exchange recipes. I can stop at one booth and hear news of the tomato crop and step 10 feet away to the next booth and find the most glorious flowers. There is a great peace to my Saturday mornings. I remember back to Krista's discussion of neuro-economics and the need to view tranasactions as more than impersonal exchanges of money for goods. This market embodies the virtuous exchange that is possible in business. Farmers harvest such beautiful crops and I help to sustain that beauty with my purchase.

Every time I am there, I think of what Thomas Merton said while standing at the Corner of 4th and Walnut, in my home of Louisville, Kentucky

"Yesterday, in Louisville, at the corner of 4th and Walnut, I suddenly realized that I loved all the people and that none of them were, or, could be totally alien to me."

I hope we can begin to see what Merton saw. This is a perfect time to find virtue in business. I struggle sometimes with this hope, and so I wake up every Saturday and I travel to the farmers market and I remind myself of what is possible.