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hello, my name is adam majewski. and i am a pagan. spicificly a slavic reconstructionist. i live here in the twin cities and have for almost all my life. i am 22 and am a culinary specialist, and one of the local restaurants in town. currently i feel that for my self the economic moment has be come a moral and a spiritual crisis. the reason being is because before the crisis i was not to spiritual if at all. i like to think a was moral before the crisis but since it has started i have become even more moral through both the increase of spiritual practice, and how i run my life. the reality is, is that i have made changes in my life and how i think about thing and i carry my self as a person as changed be cause of the down turn. i am a year round bicycler and have been for some time, and the tightening of financing as made me very glade that i don't own a car, and don't plan on owning one in the near future. it has also opened my eyes to see that i don't have to many close people that i call friends, all i have is my mother, sister, grandfather, and myself, i don't have lot's of people to call on for emotional help, but would like to change it if at all possible. as a group that are only similer in the sence that we are all human, we are all going to screw up alot, but we are all going to be in some way a shining light for one another because we all want to do better then the person next to use, weather caused when looking in our selfs and saying we can be better people then we are when we see others being better people or just straight up competition, because here in the u.s of a we are all very strong competatures